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‘Connect to your true nature with Akhanda Yoga’

Akhanda classes offer a moderate sequence of the most familiar and accessible postures and breathing techniques, and can be enjoyed by both beginning and continuing students. The classes introduce the basic principles of alignment, breath, sound, yogic thought and relaxation. You will come away with tools to help you move with greater ease, and use breath both to uplift and calm your whole system.

Sometimes we go through life so fast without being aware of our surroundings. It is this, along with poor life choices and decisions, that often cause worry, tension, anxiety and upset. In other cases tension/pain could be the result of an accident, old injury or something else.

I can also provide you with a program of massage therapy treatments (I am also a qualified massage therapist) supported by yoga poses and stretches to support your body’s natural healing processes. I will be able to advise on basic nutrition and food plans.  I also belong to a network of therapists and can make recommendations if I feel these may be beneficial to you.

About Your Teacher

Om Sruti (Hannah) ओम श्रुति practicing on the banks of the Ganges

I have recently been given the opportunity to re-train and follow my passion as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, health and wellbeing practitioner.

After studying Akhanda Yoga at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India I successfully completed the Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (YTT) under the renowned teacher and master Yogrishi Vishvketu. To complement this achievement I have full membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals along with all the necessary insurances to ensure your safety and mine.

I have full membership with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and full complementary therapist insurance including Public Liability.


ओम श्रुति