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Exciting Updates

1 day ago

It's lovely to get excellent feedback from new clients! Thanks Paula xxx #riverlifetherapy #feedback #selfcare

1 day ago

RiverLife Therapy offers 3 simple components, yoga, massage and nutrition. I offer these to enable you to achieve a holistic (whole) balance within your life! This means you can achieve the best, ... See more

5 days ago

I am now back from holiday and taking bookings for massage, yoga and nutrition. I have 1 more appointment available for next week, let me know if you would like it! All COVID safe and secure!! ... See more

3 weeks ago

I am now on holiday!! Bookings can now be made for 21st September onwards! See you then! x

2 months ago
Unhealthy food deals targeted to tackle obesity

Did you know that we now are able to offer nutritional advice and support!! If you have your own obesity strategy, come and talk to me! I can help with weight loss goals, meal planning and exercise ... See more

Ministers will also legislate for calories to appear on menus as part of a strategy to tackle obesity.


Have a look and see what others think!

If you have recently had a treatment, please let me know what you thought so you can help others decide. Thank you for all the lovely comments so far.

A luxury salon experience in your own home. From the massage bed with a heated blanket when required to the fluffy towels and relaxing music. An excellent massage which Hannah is happy to adapt to your requirements. Can’t wait for my next massage.

Louise Moyles November 2018


Hannah is so friendly and puts you immediately at ease in her company. She is professional and offered a huge variety of treatments to a very high standard. Thank you Hannah!

Jill Seaber October 2018

Hannah is amazing! She is very caring. I have had a number of treatments now and I have to say so far my favourite is the Hot Stones Massage. All treatments are performed with great professionalism and Hannah is adaptable to any personal conditions you may have. Can’t wait to have a coffee and chat again xxx

Nicky Gillett August 2017

If you need a little tlc Hannah Morrice is amazing, a hot stone full body massage is the perfect way to unwind!!!! Sx

Suzie Middleton November 2016

The most amazing full body massage and facial.. Hannah is the dream leader in her field and I have already booked my next.. Thanks Hannah xxx

Tracey Glendenning October 2016

We booked with RiverLife Massage. Tracey had a full massage and facial and booked me one too. Hannah uses Neal’s yard products, brings chill out music, room diffuser, professional massage couch and big fluffy towels.  She brought the lot, better than some spas I have been to. Oh and hot bamboo, who’d have thunk it?? If you want to spoil yourself or the other half or girls if you want a girly pamper evening book her, I would highly recommend it. Feeling well chilled now!

Vince Pittman  October 2016

Had my first hot stones treatment yesterday and although a little sore today I would highly recommend it. Hannah has been working on my back and shoulders for a few months now and I only wish after being in pain for quite a few years now I wish I had found her sooner the difference really is quite amazing

Belinda Butler Aldridge September 2016

Thanks again for my massage – I really enjoyed it. Just thought I’d let you know that my shoulders feel about 2 inches lower down instead of hunched up around my ears – and my neck feels much more mobile – which is great! Karen x
Karen Gilmurray February 2016

About Me


From Corporate Caterpillar to Holistic Butterfly
My Belief’s

I believe that holistic therapies work! Having been brought up by loving parents who believe in the benefits of massage, yoga, aromatherapy, crystal healing and magnet therapy it was no surprise that I was inspired to nurture a healing business like RiverLife Therapy. I also believe that if we make the choice to be successful and when we immerse ourselves within circles of supportive caring individuals everyone can achieve their own personal objectives whatever they may be. It is no secret that people who love what they see in the mirror portray a more positive reflection to those they love and admire, loyal friends,

followers and clients. A positive mental attitude helps maintain a healthy conscience. It is this attitude I wish to portray to you, perhaps you understand this already or want to explore a more holistic approach to compliment your own lifestyle and Perhaps you see some of my qualities and values in yourself and think that we could work together. If I was to describe my values as loyal, non-judgemental, discrete, resilient and honest would you mentally tick them off as your own?

    • If like me you work hard and play hard then you probably have earned and deserve some quality ‘you’ treatments.

My Journey from Corporate Caterpillar to Holistic Butterfly.  

Where did it all change? Samvega!

A samvega can be described as a ‘Ah hah’ moment or the point at which you realise that you are banging your head against a brick wall and that the choices you are making do not align with the universal plan that we all have mapped out for us. I realised this ‘Ah hah’ after I had  been made redundant for the second time from the corporate/charity sector. So with my experiences in Business Development Management and personal interests in yoga and holistic therapies I had a tool kit that I could develop into the best business model ever. A massage therapy business that could heal people, help people and educate people on their own health and wellbeing. Sounds brilliant right?

This is what I did!

Firstly, I had a good hard look in the mirror! I found that confidence, minus anger, plus supportive loving husband equalled a chance to reinvent myself. I brushed out the cobwebs and retrained at the London School of Massage as a Holistic Massage Therapist at ITEC Level 3 and then made it better with a BTEC Level 5 Deep Tissue qualification. I joined the Federation of Holistic Therapists to ensure my clients could see I was part of something serious and I was committed to an organisation that was made up of like-minded people who were always learning. It is also important to mention my experience of a lifetime! I spent 6 weeks at Anand Prakash Ashram in India under the watchful eye of a master yogi, Yogrishi Vishvektu, and undertook the Yoga Alliance YTT course which qualifies me to teach Akhanda Yoga.

So after reading about me, what about you?

  • You share the same beliefs and values as me?
  • You need some quality ‘me’ time?
  • You are looking for a therapist who believes in you?
  • Perhaps you are a therapist who is looking for another therapist to help?
  • You have aches and pains or a reoccurring injury?
  • You have areas of tightness and tension?
  • You are looking to implement a new routine in your life?
  • Perhaps learn something new? Yoga for health and happiness?

My guess is that if you have ticked some or all these boxes then you should come and talk to me.

Hannah@riverlifetherapy.co.ukor say Hello on Facebook @RiverLifeTherapy.

Here is some recent client praise for you to take away!

“Feeling very relaxed after an hours massage with Hannah who worked her magic on my very knotty shoulders. I’ll be back again soon!”

“Just wow!!!
Hannah is magical !! My body feels strong and very relaxed! Book her for some much need relaxation time for your minds, body and soul!”