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1 day ago

It's lovely to get excellent feedback from new clients! Thanks Paula xxx #riverlifetherapy #feedback #selfcare

1 day ago

RiverLife Therapy offers 3 simple components, yoga, massage and nutrition. I offer these to enable you to achieve a holistic (whole) balance within your life! This means you can achieve the best, ... See more

5 days ago

I am now back from holiday and taking bookings for massage, yoga and nutrition. I have 1 more appointment available for next week, let me know if you would like it! All COVID safe and secure!! ... See more

3 weeks ago

I am now on holiday!! Bookings can now be made for 21st September onwards! See you then! x

2 months ago
Unhealthy food deals targeted to tackle obesity

Did you know that we now are able to offer nutritional advice and support!! If you have your own obesity strategy, come and talk to me! I can help with weight loss goals, meal planning and exercise ... See more

Ministers will also legislate for calories to appear on menus as part of a strategy to tackle obesity.